What are the burning regulations?
For more information on open burning regulations, check the link to the City of Cedar Falls burning code.   In general the highlights of the city of Cedar Falls open burning regulations are as follows:

*Bonfires must have Fire Department approval.

*Grass and leaves MAY NOT be burned.

*Fires used solely fo rthe cooking of food is permitted.

*Recreational fires are permitted under the following parameters:

  • Must be supervised by competent person at least 18 years of age.

  • Must be 20 feet from any building.

  • Must be in a fire pit or contained area, such as an incinerator or fire ring.

  • Must be between the hours of noon and dark (it is considered dark when street lights turn on), after dark needs Fire Department approval.

  • Cannot burn leaves or grass.

  • Twigs and sticks must be at or less than 1½ inches in diameter.

*Burning of garbage or rubbish is prohibited.

*No burning is allowed on a street, alley or boulevard.

*No burning is allowed in commercial, industrial, or shopping districts.

*Burning of building materials is prohibited without Fire Department approval.

*The Fire Department can prohibit any fire type that has received a complaint.

*Sticks and twigs from your own property may be burned, if:

  • They are in an approved incinerator with a maximum capacity of 30 gallons, metal with a lid and ventilations holes.

  • Must be 20 feet from any building.

  • Used only from noon til dark, unless otherwise approved by Fire Department.

  • Must be supervised by competent person and must be attended at all times.

  • The sticks or twigs can be no larger than 1 ½ inches in diameter.

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