City Flood Services

You can contact the Department of Community Development to find out whether your property is located in a flood hazard area. They can give you more information regarding the depth of flooding during a 100-year flood event, past flooding problems in your area, and ways to prevent flood damage to your home if it is located within a flood hazard area. Call the Department of Community Development at (319) 273-8600 or at City Hall (220 Clay Street). Flood maps and flood protection references are also available at the Cedar Falls Public Library (524 Main Street). If your property is in a floodplain or if you have had flood, drainage or sewer backup problems, check out these sources of assistance. For more information about flood hazards and flood insurance, go to

Since 1993, the state and federal governments have made funding available for “flood buyout” efforts following flood disasters. The City of Cedar Falls has taken advantage of this funding to purchase over 300 homes in the floodplain. While the majority of the flood buyout-outs have occurred north of the Cedar River, several properties south of the river have also sustained substantial flood damages during recent flood events and have been purchased under the flood buyout program. If you decide to sell your home and it is located in the floodplain, you can contact the Department of Community Development at (319) 273-8600 to see if flood buyout funds are available for the purchase of your property.

Properties that are purchased as part of the City’s flood buyout program are kept as open greenspace, to be used only for recreational purposes or to be returned to their natural “pre-development” state. Floodplains are hazardous locations for human development but in their natural state floodplain areas absorb much more rain and floodwater than urbanized areas and reduce flood flows on downstream properties. Wetland plants filter stormwater runoff, making it cleaner for those downstream.