Traffic Operations

Placement of Signs

The Traffic Operations/Building Maintenance Division is responsible for the placement of necessary signs as needed for parades, specials events, or as requested by the Police Department. Signs include: traffic signs, traffic signals, informational signs, banners, and temporary traffic controls.

staff getting a sign out of a truck


This division is also responsible for the maintenance of the traffic signals and storm warning sirens, as well as is the painting of the traffic control lines, cross walks, parking stalls, and the handicap parking decal placement in the respective parking spaces.

Wiring & Cable Needs

The Traffic Operations/Building Maintenance Division also takes care of the wiring and cable needs for all city departments.

Computerized Database

A computerized database containing all existing signs, signals and controllers is kept up to date as to the location, type of sign, date of installation, problem calls to that location and the reasons why. The City owned building's custodial service is taken care of by this division as well.

Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance and Custodial Service Section is composed of part-time employees being supervised by a full-time maintenance technician. Most of the custodial work is done after normal working hours.