Gateway Park

Playground Equipment at Gateway ParkSmall Shelter at Gateway
Location: Lincoln and East Main
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Acreage: 13.2 Acres

Park Facilities:
*Large Semi-Enclosed Shelter with Electricity & Water available with rental
*Small Picnic Shelter with Electricity available with rental
*Paved lot many uses including ice skating in the winter months
*Playground Equipment
*Heated Restrooms
*Parking Lots

Trail Access:  Big Wood Lake Trail

About the Park
This Park is on the former Clay Equipment Company site, originally known as the Iowa Gate Company. There is also lighting for the park and shelters. Bookings for the small shelter or the semi-enclosed shelter are taken at the Cedar Falls Recreation Center.

gateway celebration shelter

Gateway Celebration Shelter
May be reserved in advance at the Rec Center by signing a contract and leaving a damage deposit. Deposits may be picked up after 3 days when returning the key after property has been checked by city staff to assure there was no damage.

Monday-Thursday $70.00
Friday-Sunday & Holidays $110.00
Damage Deposit $250.00

Please remember the park and thus the building by ordinance closes at 10:30pm so plan accordingly. A key to the facility can be picked up at the Rec Center up to 36 hours in advance of a rental and must be returned within 2 business days of the rental.  Please check Rec Center OPEN hours.  A fee will be assessed if a staff member is needed to assist you during closed hours.

1. Must be at least 21 years of age to rent the facility.
2. Understand the facility can only be used from 9:00am thru the park closing at 10:30pm.
3. Understand they are responsible for picking up all refuse and removing all bags of trash by closing time the day of the rental and placing it in the dumpster provided.
4. Understand that they may NOT use any form of tape, nails, hooks, thumb tacks, staples, sticky tacky substance or like products on walls, windows, doors, ceiling, or fans.
5. Understand they may not enter the building before 9:00am, store items overnight either before the rental or after the rental and must remove all items by 10:30pm.