Lana Hochreiter


Lana is a passionate biker, she started doing RAGBRAI in her mid 40’s and has now participated in 25 and completed all but one. After that incomplete ride across Iowa, it was discovered that her heart needed repair. An angioplasty and four stents later, and the ride goes on.

While attending spin class in her late 60’s, Lana made a decision to become a certified spin coach and instructor and with that knowledge came the opportunity to help others know that neither age nor health should stop anyone from being their best. Lana got Schwinn certified and later added a NETA cycling certification to her wall.

Lana raised four girls and three boys and then was blessed with 17 of the best grandchildren and six great grandkids. Like most Grandmas, she knits! She also sings lead in Sweet Adelines chorus, alto in church choir, and plays F and G in a handbell choir. She has a part-time job at Caring Transitions (an estate cleanout and sales company). And she paints!