Lifestyle Transformation Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss

Are you ready to shed unwanted pounds but don’t know where to start?  
Need Direction?  Accountability?  This is it!

This is more than Personal Training!  It’s Lifestyle Transformation; An all encompassing program to help you reach your healthy goal weight and improve your fitness level. This program is based on thermodynamics and numerous lifestyle interventions to produce a change in body weight.

In 2010 70% of Americans were overweight or obese! That number has risen since then.....

There are many reasons for being overweight:
¨ Technology
¨ Physical Inactivity
¨ Food Accessibility and Marketing
¨ Societal contributions; food, drink and sedentary leisure activities are promoted as acceptable and preferred modes leisure time activity
Health effects of being overweight:
¨ Type 2 Diabetes
¨ Heart disease
¨ Hypertension
¨ Stroke
¨ Respiratory complications; shortness of breath, exercise induced asthma and obstructive sleep apnea
¨ Certain cancers; colon, breast, endometrium, kidney, esophagus
¨ Dyslipidemia
¨ Metabolic Syndrome (when several  cardiovascular disease risk factors exist in combination)
¨ Musculoskeletal issues
¨ Depression

Lifestyle Transformation Weight Loss Program  Components

1.  Assessment Includes:
~Health History
~Eating Habits
~Physical Activity
~Resting Heart Rate
~Body Composition
~Body Mass Index
~Waist to Hip Ratio
~Girth Measurements
~Movement Assessment
2.  Goal setting!  Using S.M.A.R.T. Principles
Psychology of weight loss/weight control - a variety of strategies will be used to reach goals
3.  Create Nutrition Strategies For Weight Loss
4.  Create Personalized Exercise Program

Including Stretching, Balance, Endurance, Cardio and Resistance Training
5.  Establish a Resting Energy Expenditure
Using REE as a Baseline, Increasing Activity and Reducing intake until an Energy Deficit is reached will result in Weight Loss
6.  Ongoing  weekly sessions…..For Activity & Food Intake; Review and workouts

Law of thermodynamics:
Food= calorie/energy
Food In = Calories out weight maintenance
Food in > Calories out = weight gain
Food In < Calories out = weight loss

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