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The City of Cedar Falls is proud to present the Cedar Falls Public Safety Special Report: 2021 - 2025. It includes the future goals of the department for the next four years. Citizens can view the report at

Report a Crime Online

You can now report crimes online at The online submission form allows for the reporting of crimes such as credit card fraud, harassment, theft, and minor vehicle accidents on private property. It is not for emergencies or crimes in progress. In an emergency situation always call 911.


The mission of the Cedar Falls Public Safety Department is to enhance the quality of life, safety, and security of our community.

What is the Public Safety Model?

The Cedar Falls public safety model is a cost-saving, collaborative effort from our Fire and Police Divisions to more effectively provide security in our community. Our officers are cross-trained between the two departments so they are able to perform both police and fire duties. Public Safety Officers may be assigned to either fire or police; however, they are trained and able to do both jobs when needed. Since serious fire calls in Cedar Falls have dropped 60 percent in the last 40 years, we need to better utilize the downtime between calls and more effectively use city tax dollars.
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Cost Comparison: 
Public Safety Model vs. Traditional Model

The advantage of the Public Safety Model is that it provides more police officers on the street and more fire fighters responding to fires at a lower cost than the traditional model. In order to provide the same increased staffing levels under the traditional model would cost nearly $2,000,000 a year more in payroll. The Public Safety model averaged 15.1 fire fighters per day in 2018. In previous years the traditional model had a minimum staffing of 6–7 fire fighters. Police have also seen an increase in staffing and will soon have 2–3 more officers per shift.

Traditional vs. PS model chart

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