Public Safety Services

Fire truck and police car


To oversee the development of a team of highly skilled professionals that concentrate efforts on prevention of crimes and fires while working to improve the quality of life in Cedar Falls by making it a safer community in which to live. Effectively and efficiently utilize limited resources to accomplish public safety mission.

Accomplishments & Goals

Click on the link to read about the accomplishments from July 1, 2107 through December 31, 2018. and goals for January 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

2018 Statistics Released

We've released the 2018 Statistics.  Crime Drops 7.8 %.

Cost Comparison: 
Public Safety Model vs. Traditional Model

The advantage of the Public Safety Model is that it provides more police officers on the street and more fire fighters responding to fires at a lower cost than the traditional model. In order to provide the same increased staffing levels under the traditional model would cost nearly $2,000,000 a year more in payroll. The Public Safety model averaged 15.1 fire fighters per day in 2018. In previous years the traditional model had a minimum staffing of 6–7 fire fighters. Police have also seen an increase in staffing and will soon have 2–3 more officers per shift.

Traditional vs. PS model chart

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